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Are You An Empath?

Are You Grounded?

Listening To Your Body's Messages

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I have listened to the inner voice that told me to be still and wait. To not get wrapped up. Be still. Rest and rejuvenate. Take time for introspection and hearing inner guidance and intuition. Do less, allow more. Surrender.


Rest. Be Still. Listen to your Inner Guidance.

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Earlier in February, I was involved in a group devotional called “Dangerous Prayers”. In this devotion, they challenged us to pray to God to break us so that we could live more fully in His will. Being a high-achieving, studious person, I took this challenge on and did just that. I prayed for God to break me. And He has.


Doing Less, Allowing More

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It’s the beginning of the new year and a whole new decade. As I have reflected over the past year, and especially over the past decade, I have been astonished by all that has happened.


What Is Your Word of the Year?

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I am a bulldozer, or as my husband has lovingly said, a snowplow, due to my Minnesota roots. I spent the first 25ish years pushing through life without regard to what my “machine”, my body, needed, and without listening to the signals it was giving me.


Bulldozing Your Way Through Life

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Many people don’t realize that gut health is so much more than just the way the digestive system is functioning. The root of most illnesses stems from the gut.

Health & Lifestyle

Do I Need a Probiotic Supplement?

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Do you take time for yourself every day? Do you have rituals or routines each day that help you to recharge and rejuvenate?

Health & Lifestyle

The Importance of Self-Care Practices


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